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Your new dental bridge provided by Gurusharan Singh Seven Days is designed to replace a missing tooth and its function. While a dental bridge can’t develop tooth decay, the two abutments that anchor it in place can be threatened by oral hygiene issues such as gum disease.

To help you maintain the appearance and cleanliness of your dental bridge and protect the abutments, we provide tips to keep your dental bridge clean.

Try using an interdental brush, which has a small, angled head to help you remove food particles from the gum line and brush between the wires and brackets of an orthodontic appliance.

If you struggle to floss between closely spaced teeth or around the gum line, we invite you to experiment with a floss threader, which is a simple loop-shaped tool pre-loaded with waxed dental floss that is especially helpful in navigating tight spaces and the wires of orthodontic appliances.

You can also try a dental water jet, which is available in a variety of brands and is designed to produce a concentrated stream of water to loosen and flush away particles of food from your smile.

If you would like further information about how to clean a dental bridge in Indianapolis, Indiana, you are welcome to call 317-893-2700 and speak with our dentist, Dr. Gurusharan Singh.