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The relationship between a pregnancy and your oral health is well known. Because a pregnancy can increase your risk for several oral health problems including gum disease and tooth decay, it is important to establish effective treatment plans to minimize risks associated with a pregnancy in regard to your smile. As usual, make sure you are avoiding harmful substances such as sugar and eating nutritious, well-balanced meals. Visit your dentist regularly for the appropriate treatments and procedures to keep your smile safe while a young one is on the way.

If you are pregnant, you’ll need to assess aspects of your daily routines including your diet to ensure that you receive the treatments you need. Whether you are pregnant, on the verge of being pregnant or after delivering a baby, you always need to make sure that you are eating well-balanced meals that not only provide for you and your baby but avoid risks to your teeth and gums. As always, avoid unhealthy products such as sugars, which can cause dental erosion and tooth decay.

For further help with your smile and to improve your oral hygiene care, you will need to visit your dentist. In addition, you’ll need to let your dentist know that you are pregnant. Your dentist will have specific treatments in mind to help provide you with the oral health care you need. Also, let your dentist know of any medications or prenatal vitamins that you may be taking.

Effective routines of brushing and flossing every day you can greatly lower your risk of several problems that can arise during your pregnancy, including risks for gum disease, preeclampsia, gestational diabetes and premature delivery.

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