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Knowing the risk of tooth hazards due to sticky sweets and chewy treats can make all the difference in the world in your oral health. Because your teeth and gums can be damaged so easily, the more you do to keep them safe, the less likely you are to suffer from oral accidents and injuries in the future. Be aware of tooth hazards in your life so you can keep your smile damage-free and healthy.

Your teeth are not designed to open product packaging. This includes popping bottle caps off of bottles and tearing through plastic packaging. Although your teeth are strong, they only should be used for eating. Using it for any other tasks including opening product packaging can easily damage your smile. Not only can it lacerate your gums, but it can chip and crack your teeth, or completely knock teeth out altogether.

To avoid dental damage caused by tooth hazards in your diet, it is important to eliminate any unhealthy products from your eating routine. This can include sugary sweets and treats as well as sports drinks and fruit juices that are high in sugar. In addition, potato chips are high in starches. Both sugars and starches can be converted by a plaque in your mouth into harmful acids which can contribute to dental erosion.

Do you routinely eat small snacks throughout the day? If you do, it could be damaging your oral health. This is because snacks increase the amount of time that food debris is on your teeth and gums with can contribute heavily to dental erosion and tooth decay. Furthermore, you tend to snack on unhealthy treats which can include foods high in sugars and starches.

Do you wish to upgrade your oral health with tooth hazard prevention? To make sure your oral health remains in peak condition with tooth hazard prevention, please schedule an appointment with Gurusharan Singh Seven Days at our office in Indianapolis, Indiana by calling us at 317-893-2700. Dr. Gurusharan Singh and our team will make sure you receive the tooth hazard prevention your smile requires.