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Most people stock their first-aid kits with items designed to help treat bumps, sprains, and cuts. At the same time items for treating a dental trauma should also be included. Including a few special things for your oral health care in each of your first-aid kits will ensure that you are prepared for a dental emergency. Simple items like waxed dental floss, floss sticks, salt packets, small sterile gauze pads and items for making a cold compress can help you be prepared for a wide range of oral traumas.

To be better prepared to render first-aid for a knocked out tooth, you might want to also stock a tooth-preservation tool in each kit. This is a special liquid which is known as a Hanks Balanced Salt Solution. The minerals dissolved in suspension are designed to keep the tooth alive while you seek treatment at Dr. Gurusharan Singh’s dental office. In some cases, if the tooth is knocked out whole and still alive, Dr. Gurusharan Singh might be able to viably implant the tooth back into the original socket.

It might also be helpful to include a topical oral anesthetic in your fist-aid kit. It can be rubbed onto your gums to help relieve some of the pain while you await your emergency appointment with Dr. Gurusharan Singh.

If you live in the Indianapolis, Indiana, area and you have further oral first-aid questions, you can always call 317-893-2700 to consult with a staff member at Gurusharan Singh Seven Days. Our team is here to ensure your oral health care is at its best!